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Update your home for the New Year, Richmond, Virginia

Update your home for the New Year!







1 quart Latex paint: semi-gloss was used for this project


2-4(8 oz.) bottles of Fabric/Textile Medium: for this project (2) 8 oz. bottles of fabric was used but it all depends on how many coats you need and how large your chair is.




Spray bottle


Measuring Cup(s)


Good Stiff bristled brush(or foam brush)


Large mixing container


Sand paper( 200 grit was used for this chair)



Here is what this chair looked like before the project.




It had a lot of stain from years of wear and tear

YEAH. GROSS. I know….It’s in need of a makeover!


This is only one coat and so you can still see a little “splotchiness” and the patter of the gingham showed through.


After the first coat was completely dry, you could see a lot of pulling of the fabric. Below is what at cushion look liked:


Sand the fabric to remove the pills! You don’t have to wait until the end to sand. During this project sand was done after the first coat which helped the second coat of paint stick. The more you sand the better the fabric will feel. The second coat was only to hide the pattern and stains. The number of coats you need depends on the color/pattern of the chair, the color of your paint, how thick you apply it etc, so your experience may require additional coats


The entire makeover only cost $30




Make sure the chair is wiped free of dust and debris. Clean it well


Mix 1:1 parts of paint and frabic medium


Below is the textile medium that was used for this DIY project. You can find it at any local craft store…Michaels, Jo-Anns etc

DO NOT OMIT fabric medium…this is very important, it keeps the fabric from getting too hard


You don’t need much paint- maybe 1/8 of the quart.  You can mix it up in an old cup or bucket etc. A little gioes a long way in this phase, as it will be very watered down. This will be your base coat


Water the paint/textile medium mixture down. Mix in about ½ the amount of water as paint. (1part water to 2 parts paint.) Stir. It should look moore like a stain than a paint.


Remove all seat cushions that are not attached from the chair or tother furniture item.


Sprtiz(fine mist) the part of the chair you will start with first with water. It’s best to start on the seat cushion first. You want the fabric wet. Rub the water in the fabric.


Brush on the paint slowly while blending the best you can. Work the paint into the fabric. Don’t be afraid  to use your hands. Always make your last stroke with the grain so the fabric lays in the right direction as it dries.


The watered down coast should give you’re a light coverage almost like a stain.  IT will also act as a primer.


Each coat should be very thin. Water it down even more if you have to. Let the first one dry fully before beginning the second.  It’s best to wait over night.


Don’t be alarmed it will look worse before it looks better


There are other methods that you can use like chalk paint, spray on paint, Rit dye etc. After doing research it seems like using latex paint and fabric medium is the consensus it give you’re the softest finish to the fabric. Other methods tend to leave it stiffer, more leather-like finish.


Disclaimer: The following guideline will surely help you preserve your home décor if properly implemented at the right time using the correct procedures. If you are experiencing severe odor and stains on your home décor or in your home and are not sure how to do, it leave it to the cleaning experts at SJS Cleaning  Solutions, Richmond, Virginia for your Update your home for the New Year, Richmond, Virginia.