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How to clean glass, Richmond, Virginia


Have you ever noticed your home décor, really cloudy? Wondering how to clean it your décor that has such a small opening? SJS Cleaning Solutions has just the trick for you. Here is very simple and easy tip on how to clean a cloudy décor without using soap and water. All you need is rubbing alcohol. Yep, that right, rubbing alcohol; works wonders on getting rid of cloudy film on home décor!


To remove the cloudiness from the glass all you have to do is pour a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol into the glass container you would like to clean. If the container isn’t big enough to get your hand into cover the top of it and swirl the rubbing alcohol around. Once the cloudiness is completely gone, poor the rubbing alcohol out into the sink, and set your container out to dry.


LOOK at the results! Amazing! You can see the difference between the two vases!



Disclaimer: The following guideline will surely help you preserve the cleanliness of your home décor if properly implemented at the right time using the correct procedures. If you are experiencing severe odor and stains on your home décor or in your home and are not sure how to do, it leave it to the cleaning experts at SJS Cleaning  Solutions, Richmond, Virginia for your How to clean glass décor, Richmond, Virginia.