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Budget friendly carpet cleaner, in Richmond, Virginia

Here two budget friendly carpet cleaner tips but still environmentally friendly, kid safe and pet-safe carpet cleaner!




Supplies needed:

HOT water (water needs to be as hot as possible, as hot as you can stand)

Basic H Organic super cleaning concentration

Steam cleaner

Optional: Basic G concentrated germicide, Nature bright laundry booster

Directions: pour the ingredients in the steam cleaner tank and proceed to clean your carpets.




Supplies needed:


HOT water

Steam cleaner


Directions: Pour straight vinegar and the recommended amount of HOT water in your steam cleaner tank. No need for any additional carpet cleaning chemicals. While cleaning the area the carpet will smell like vinegar, the smell will go away once the carpet has dried.


These guidelines will surely help you preserve your assets if properly implemented at the right time using the correct procedures. If you are experiencing severe stains on your carpet and are not sure how to get rid of them, leave it to the carpet cleaning experts at SJS Cleaning Solutions for all your Budget friendly carpet cleaner, in Richmond, Virginia

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