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How to remove Orange Juice from carpet, Henrico, Virginia

  How to remove orange juice from carpets   Supplies: Water (2)Spray bottle Cloth/paper towels Dish liquid Ammonia   Orange juice spills are a common occurrence in most all households, glasses... Read More »

Update your home for the New Year, Richmond, Virginia

Update your home for the New Year! GET THIS LOOK.....     FROM THIS!   Materials: 1 quart Latex paint: semi-gloss was used for this project   2-4(8 oz.) bottles of Fabric/Textile Medium: for... Read More »

Removing burn stains from your iron, Richmond, Virginia

Does your iron look like this?   Supplies: Iron Salt Pillow case   Are you tired of your iron sticking to your clothes when ironing them? SJS Cleaning Solution has exaclty what you need... Read More »

SANITIZING SPONGES, Richmond, Virginia

Are you grossed out by sponges? So you feel like they harbor germs? Do you throw them away before the end of their life span? Well SJS CLEANING SOLUTIONS has a tip for you. Instead of throwing them... Read More »

DIY Natural Deodorizer

Make your house smell fresh with Natural deodorizer   Prep Time: 5-10 minutes   Cost: $5   Skill Level: Easy       ITEMS NEEDED:   Spray bottle    Vingear(just a little)   Lemon   Mix a... Read More »

How to clean glass, Richmond, Virginia

Have you ever noticed your home décor, really cloudy? Wondering how to clean it your décor that has such a small opening? SJS Cleaning Solutions has just the trick for you. Here is very simple and... Read More »

Car Upholstery Cleaner, Richmond, Virginia

Can you believe Summer is over? And Fall is here!   Before the Fall season sets in though, most people like to do a very through deep cleaning of their home, why not include your car this... Read More »

DIY Deodorizer, Henrico, Virginia

DIY Carpet Deodorizer Prep time: 10 minutes Cost: $5 Skill level: Easy Set time: 1 hour   Items needed: 2 cups of Corn meal 1 cup of Borax   Optional items Teatree oil Cinnamon oil Orange/lemon... Read More »

Budget friendly carpet cleaner, in Richmond, Virginia

Here two budget friendly carpet cleaner tips but still environmentally friendly, kid safe and pet-safe carpet cleaner!   OPTION 1:   Supplies needed: HOT water (water needs to be as hot as... Read More »

Urine Stain Removal, Richmond Virginia

Do you have urine stains??? Urine is not just a stain it comes with odor as well....whether is from a pet or toddler. These stains can cause severe odor whether it’s on your carpet, mattress on... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Tips Ashland Virginia

Small Carpet Cleaning Tips Which Will Keep Your Carpets Like New     Every person desires to have carpet in their homes. It's comfortable in your feet and warm to step on in the winter. At times... Read More »